[Techman Robot] Connect PC to robot via IXRouter VPN

Dear Sirs,

Normally we connect TM robot and PC via LAN and it works fine(it runs UDP and TCP).
Our partner is using IXRouter to connect a PC and a TM robot, but it seems something is blocking the UDP trassimission so he could not find TM robot on the PC.

TM robot use MultiCast port 19980 to start communicate with PC as below(LAN connected directly, not IXRouter):

Is there anything suggested that he could check?

Thank you.

TM Robot,
Jerry Chen

Dear Jerry,

The IXON VPN is a Layer 3 (routed) connection, which in itself does not allow Multicast to be routed. We have had support cases in which we tried to connect from the VPN network (10.187.x.x) to a TechMan robot on the LAN side of the IXrouter. Unfortunately it seems that the way TechMan software handles Multicast from other networks is not compatible with the Multicast routing we have tried. That being said, we are open to work towards a solution. In the past we unfortunately have not received constructive response from TechMan support but we are confident that we can find a solution working together. You may contact us on support@ixon.cloud for additional support or further investigation.

Yours sincerely,

William Custers
IXON Product Support