BACnet explorer and VPN

I am using BACnet as a communication method for getting devices onto our cloud. I followed the BACnet directions in the support area and used BACnet explorer while I was connected directly into the IXrouter from my laptop. This worked very well and I was able to get my device information and start getting data. Is there a way to go through the VPN connection to my IXrouter and use BACnet explorer to set up devices so I don’t have to physically connect to the IXrouter? Thank you.

Hello Alan,

The issue with many of the BACnet tools is that they use UDP broadcast or UDP multicast to find the BACnet devices which doesn’t work over VPN.
The IXrouter itself functions as a BBMD it is possible to reach a BACnet device via VPN, but only if the application that is used has the possibility to connect based of “foreign device registration” or BBMD. You can then fill in the VPN address and subnet mask of the IXrouter to scan for devices.
For example: