VPN network between 2 IXrouters

Is it possible to create a VPN network between two IXON routers and a PLC on each end?


For such usecase we do offer the product/service M2M Cloud Cluster. Devices and other systems (e.g. scada systems) can communicate with eachother over the internet. It works plug&play, no hassle with setting up firewall policies and is secure.


Hi Willem,

If I have 10 IXrouters in the field and would like some of them to communicate with each other via M2M cluster, can I manage that in one single Ixon account? Or do I need multiple accounts?

Hi Piotr,

A company account will be set as the M2M Cloud Cluster. Any IXrouter in that account can benefit of VPN connections to each other.
So add or transfer all other IXrouters to another (sub)company within your IXON account.

If you need any assistance with this, please contact support.