Update PLC/modbus tags from the cloud level


has anyone ever asked if ixon plan to introduce two-way communication? I mean to update PLC/modbus tags from the cloud level.

I wonder why UniCloud from Unitronics has this option and IXON doesn’t yet?

I know there is a remote VPN connection option, but if the device does not have an https server and the only control option is to send a Modbus TCP/IP frame?

I asked about it before we signed on but was told no.

Bi-directional communication opens up a world of security issues. That being said…I would love to have it, even if I have to make a custom component to do it.

My understanding of an IoT cloud platform is that it is intended to be read only. If you’re trying to control remotely, you’re more in the realm of SCADA.


Thanks for posting to the IXON Community.

Our current solution with a custom component requires a web server on the PLC. So this will not work for you.

Could you please submit your idea on roadmap.ixon.cloud? This way our product owners can review it and possibly use it in future plans.

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Hello @Marc_van_der_Wijst ,

many thanks for the prompt reply.

If it’s a safety issue as @GeneParmesan wrote then it’s pointless to submit new idea on the roadmap.
I was just wondering why a competitor has it in their offer, and they still advertise a solution that complies with security standards.

btw. Could you please share example of the custom component which uses PLC web server? (it can even be a screenshot)

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Hi @dtrutkowski,

Thank you for your explanation.
Here is a screenshot of a custom component that embeds the web server from the PLC by using our HTTP Web Access feature.

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Hi marc,
Are you able to provide basic sample code for this? I was unaware that the HTTP server could be accessed by a component, I assumed one had to launch the hosted HTTP server to access items.

Hi @GeneParmesan,

This is something our solution engineers build. Can you contact our support department, so that we can help you get the right information?

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I’d be happy to, but I’m a little frustrated that this is the default answer for a lot of questions on this forum.

Is the point of this forum not to help the community grow? Why should answers only be shared privately?

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I feel this frustration, at the moment the only really helpful feature of this forum are the weekly release notes.
It does not seem like user to user interaction is really supported or wished in here, even though it should help IXON as well as us customers.
I can understand that IXON does not want to share information publicely, but there would be ways to solve this (like only registered users).