Connect to control panel of ABB robot

Hi community, we are using IXON for VPN to our ABB robot. Is it possible to connect and control the control panel? Hope you can help!

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for sharing your question.

I’m not familiair with the ABB robot control panel. Does it have a VNC server (or option to install it)? Or a HTTP server?

These are the common ways to take over a control panel using the IXON portal and app.

Hi Sjors,

Thanks, will look into this.

Where can I find more info on how to configure this in the portal?

You can find the steps for configuration of HTTP and VNC service here.

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It’s working with RealVNC :slight_smile:

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Hello Piotr

I also want to connect with my ABB robot.
Ixon unit is connect to the wlan and Lan1 is wired to the serviceport of my IRC5 controller.
Do i need more to use the RealVNC and how can i connect with robot studio over the internet trough the Ixon unit?

Could you also explain me how to see the screen of the TPU?


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