HTTP support for Priva Building Management Systems?

Does the HTTP service also work for Priva Building Management Systems?

Hello Jeff,

It is not possible to access the HTTP page of the Priva via our HTTP service. We compared the network traffic between the way via the HTTP service and via the VPN connection. With the HTTP service, all network requests go well and all javascript requests go well. However, if we compare this with the way via VPN, we see that some requests are simply not made via the HTTP service. This is in the Silverlight application that Priva uses. We cannot look into this and unfortunately we cannot adjust it.
Fortunately we do have a workaround:.
The only way to access the HTTP server is by:

  1. Establish VPN connection.
  2. Open a new tab in your browser and enter the IP address of the PLC.

Hi Jorn,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I just tested your workaround and that seems to work! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to add a custom button in the machine overview/dashboard to open the webservers url/ IP adress? That would be nice in this case.

It is not possible to create a button with Priva / SilverLight in the IXON Cloud. The only way to connect to the controller is to use the work-around.