Support for HMI Magelis

With Schneider and Vijeo, is it possible to give access via the Ixon platform to the HMI Magelis (equivalent to VNC)?

Tips are welcome

Hello Jeff,

Concerning Schneider and the possibility to use remote service, you need to know that you can mostly use the HTTP service from the HMI.
Keep in mind that you need to use exclusively INTERNET EXPLORER and install a plugin called “'ActiveX Control”

Link is here :
(Clic on the white cross on top-right, and you will see “télécharger”)

He Mickael,

thanks for your tip! I’m going to try this, hope this works.

So instead of using the VNC service in Ixon portal, I need to add the HTTP service, is that correct?

Yes Exactly.
Try it ! :slight_smile: