Slow upload/update times Rockwell PLC/HMI via IXON Router

We are having very slow results while connecting to a Rockwell HMI and PLC via an IXrouter 3.0 4G/LTE & Wi-Fi.
We conducted some tests and it was taking over 30 minutes to upload a 17mb application file from an HMI to a remote PC, which we cancelled after that time and gave up.
It was also taking nearly 10 seconds to toggle a single bit.
We connected to a local PC and was obviously almost instant and then uploaded via MS Teams and it was around 3 minutes.

This doesn’t seem useable unless we are doing something wrong?

Hi Steve,

Did you try to change the VPN connection type to UDP (default is TCP).

See this article:

Don’t forget to change it for both the connection IXrouter <=> IXON Cloud, as well for your PC’s VPN Client <=> IXON Cloud.


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Hi Steve,

I would recommend to check the set server location (Fleet Manager → VPN)
We had some issues with a router that should be delivered to Japan, but we tested it in-house before. As the router now connected to the Hongkong Server instead of Frankfurt/Amsterdam, the pings were like 10 times slower than the other way.

Furthermore, which connection did you exactly take (cable, wifi, 4g)? Did you check you had reception.

Otherwise, we had also some success with changing the protocol type from TCP to UPD, as Willem proposed.

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