Slow Download to 5380 CompactLogix via IXON Cloud

Hey folks,

I’m using an IX2400 to connect remotely to a 5380 CompactLogix PLC. The IX2400 has wired ethernet connection to the internet. On the LAN side it (and the PLC) are connected to a Stratix 5700 switch.

The connection from Studio 5000 to the PLC is via RSLinx Classic using an “Ethernet Devices” driver (not “Ethernet/IP”) and setting the station mapping in that driver to the IP address of the PLC.

With that configuration, I’m seeing a program download to the PLC via IXON take about 30 minutes. When I’m directly connected to the ethernet switch it takes less than five minutes.

Any ideas on how to speed this up?


Hi Roger,

Thanks for your question. I talked with our tech team and this is a known issue.

This is since version 28 of the Rockwell software. All network packages are divided into small packages, which means that more messages have to be sent and therefore it takes longer to wait. Known issue. Rockwell is working on a solution.

Possible improvements:

  1. Use FactoryTalk Linx to set up the connection to the PLC. While this is not a full solution, it does improve the connection to some degree when compared to using RSLinx.

  2. Wait for Rockwell to fix the issue. This is a known issue and Rockwell is working to resolve it. They aim to resolve it in the next version (version 33) and aim to release it by the end of the year. As with all things development, they cant give any guarantees.

  3. Invest in a “solution” right away by placing a “Box PC” on location and remotely controlling that Box PC via VNC. Since the communication between the Box PC and the PLC is local, downloading etc is much faster. However, this is a very pricey solution, as the price of the Box PC is roughly 2x that of the IXrouter, depending on which variant you’re using. This is of course no ideal solution, but it is a work-around. It is then your choice whether this option would be worth it for you. If you’re interested, please contact your Rockwell distributor, they may be able to provide you a Box PC.

My advice is to first try using FactoryTalk Linx. If you are already using that, or if you still find it too slow, you can either choose to wait or to invest in the pricey Box PC “solution” right away.

Rockwell is working on a solution in the next software version (33) which they aim to release by the end of 2020.

Hope this helps!

Thank you the detailed response!

I’ll try FactoryTalk Linx next time I need to do a program download if it’s before the next version release.


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Hi Sjors,

I’m on version 33.00.01 of the software and the online speeds with the CompactLogix via the IXON router are still exceptionally slow.

Any other insight you can provide on the PLC connection speed?

Thank you,


Hello Roger,
We have not received confirmation that this issue has actually been resolved in version 33. We will investigate whether we can get an answer to this.
Have you tried FactoryTalk Linx yet?

Hi Bart,

I have tried FT Linx. It does not seem to respond any faster than RSLinx Classic.


We have investigated this further and there is no visible improvement with FactoryTalk Linx over RSlinx.
Rockwell Automation is working on this, but it is expected that this will take a long time.