IXrouter 3.25 firmware

IXrouter firmware release

  • Week 14
  • Firmware version: 3.25

As of 2024, the IXrouter receives a firmware update each quarter (4 releases per year). These release notes can also be found at the bottom at Fleet Manager > Devices > Your device > Info.


  • Error grace period: In rare situations a PLC may provide incorrect machine data during startup. This data source setting can be used to bridge that period, maintaining the reliability of the machine data that you log to the IXON Cloud. This applies to Live data, Historical data, and Alarming.


  • Supporting all APNs for AT&T cellular connections.
  • Improved Wi-Fi hotspot stability.
  • Overall fixes and improved performance of data retrieval for the EtherNet/IP data source which applies to all supported machine types (CPU).
    • If the legacy CPU option “AB Micro800, Omron NX / NJ / NY / NA (legacy)” is configured in the EtherNet/IP data source, after a firmware upgrade the CPU needs to be manually changed. Select to specify either “AB Micro800” or “Omron NX / NJ / NY / NA”. Afterwards, a reboot is required. For all other CPU options just upgrading the firmware is sufficient.


  • Fixed an issue where the firmware update could fail if a fallback connection (failover) is used.
  • Fixed an issue where Ethernet/IP is now able to log INT32 (LongINT)
  • Fixed an issue where variables for an OPC-UA data source displayed NULL characters.
  • Fixed a data logging issue after downloading to the PLC (seen with Modbus and EtherNet/IP PLC’s).
  • Fixed a data logging issue after a PLC software update (seen with Modbus TCP PLC’s).


  • Security improvements to comply with Security Standard IEC 62443;
    • Improved password strength for the local web UI password and API. The password will now be required to include a mix of special characters. To benefit from this security enhancement, change your password manually.
    • Additional brute force protection by limiting login attempts via local web UI and API.