IXrouter 3.24 firmware

IXrouter firmware release

  • Week 43
  • Firmware version: 3.24

The IXrouter receives a firmware update 2-3 times a year. These release notes can also be found at the bottom at Fleet Manager > Devices > Your device > Info.


  • MQTT to Public Cloud: Log machine data to a 3rd party MQTT broker.
    • The IXrouter’s data logging feature has been expanded to now also support sending machine data to a 3rd party broker, providing a new opportunity to integrate IXON. From there, you can process, analyze, visualize, and use the data in any way that your project requires.


  • Fixed an issue where the Portal would indicate that there is a data logging error even when the error is already fixed
  • [bacnet-ip] Fixed a rare issue that would prevent data logging from working due to invalid grouping of variables
  • [opc-ua] Fixed an issue that caused variables to not be logged anymore when the PLC returned an error during startup
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