IXON Cloud 2.8.2

IXON Weekly update

  • Week 38 (20-09-2021 to 26-09-2021)
  • Webapp version: 2.8.2
  • API version 0.1.65 (details)

What is the IXON weekly update?
The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly with bug fixes, changes to the platform and new features. This weekly update informs you on everything that was added to, changed and fixed in the IXON platform this week.

The release of this week contains quite a few smaller new features that are meant to improve the overall useability of the IXON Cloud. One of the improvements is a fix for the firmware of IXrouter. A manual action is required to install the new firmware version. More details on this can be found below.


The color rules for single values that were introduced two weeks ago in the brand new multi-value component are now available for the single value component and the status component as well. This is applicable to both the historical and the live version of these widgets.

Connection monitoring alarms now have a field that you can use to give the alarm a name. This makes it easier to differentiate multiple connection monitoring alarms from each other.

You can now download the configuration of the IXrouter when there are no configuration differences. You can download the current configuration of the router in the Fleet Manager by clicking on the applicable device and downloading the configuration file in the top right corner.


The IXrouter no longer supported all types of USB drives. A new firmware version was released to support more types of USB drives.

upgrade your firmware to version 3.20.1
You need to update the firmware of your IXrouter manually. You can do this in the Fleet Manager by clicking on the device and scrolling down to the firmware upgrade option in the first page that you enter after clicking on the device. The device will go offline for up to a few minutes when upgrading the firmware.

In the Fleet Manager you now can add a column to the list of devices that shows the latest firmware version. This will help you with easily identifying if the latest firmware is installed on the IXrouter.


  • Fixed an issue that caused ‘Edit membership’ not working in user detail
  • Added input migration for Component Properties using component migration functions
  • Added validation for ‘decimals’ field for integers and fix up existing values
  • Fixed dps/hr counter on data-tag selection
  • Fixed line endings assumption for Windows-formatted files
  • Hide connect button in VPN connect component when VPN access check returns false