IXON Cloud 2.3.2

IXON Weekly update

  • Week 15 (12-04-2021 to 18-04-2021)
  • Webapp version: 2.3.2
  • API version 0.1.44 (details)

What is the IXON weekly update?
The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly with bug fixes, changes to the platform and new features. This weekly update informs you on everything that was added to, changed and fixed in the IXON platform this week.

Welcome to the second extended update with release notes. This weeks releases contain some nice new features including a new component and some features for advanced users of our platform. Some changes to SSO and access categories have been made as well as a number of bugfixes.


A historical version of the live status component has been added. This gives you an additional way to visualize the status of historic data, besides the statusbar component.

A new feature for advanced VPN users is added in this release as well. Previously all VPN connections were established using the TCP protocol because TCP is able to retransmit to avoid package loss, which ensures a more stable connection. However, some customers were experiencing an issue where the TCP-traffic that they were sending through the VPN tunnel was causing some connection issues. For those users, using a UDP connection can stabilise the connection. For most users, however, using the default option (TCP) will be the best option.

A new feature for developers of custom components is included in this week’s release. They can now validate their own manifests because a component manifest JSON-scheme was added.


Some improvements with the Single Sign On (SSO) feature were made. The design has been updated to fit with the design of the rest of the platform a little better. The expiration time of the sign in has been extended to 60 days, which means that users won’t get kicked from the platform due to an expired SSO token as often as they were anymore.

When you are selecting an access category in the Fleet Manager, you can now see which roles get access to that page or service.


An important bug fix this week, users with the ‘manage users’ permission were unable to assign people to a different role when their own role was group specific. Fixing this means that users with a group-specific role can now invite users with a different role then themselves, as long as that role doesn’t have more permission then they do.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed an error on the My Companies page when there are only companies from the old platform.
  • Fixed validation for ‘factor’ value
  • Fixed an issue where adding a variable would fail if the factor field was touched but left empty.
  • Updated introduction text in the migration wizard.