IXON Cloud 2.4.0

IXON Weekly update

  • Week 18 (03-05-2021 to 09-05-2021)
  • Webapp version: 2.4.0.
  • API version 0.1.46 (details)

What is the IXON weekly update?
The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly with bug fixes, changes to the platform and new features. This weekly update informs you on everything that was added to, changed and fixed in the IXON platform this week.

Some small new features, a couple of improvements, and quite a few bug fixes can be found in this weeks release. The API release is on Thursday 10:00 instead of Tuesday this week. You can read the release notes on our developer website, as usual.


You can now extend an existing Cloud Logging license in the IXON Cloud with a newly purchased activation code. The duration of your existing activation code will be added to the existing duration of your valid code. If you want to change the amount of dps/hr you can use the change license button in the licenses section of your machine in the Fleet Manager app.

For the developers of custom components there were some new features. Please contact your IXON contact if you have any questions about creating custom components.

  • Added support for building Svelte based components.
  • Added validation of manifest files against schema.


You can now more easily enter your VPN Client settings by clicking on the info marker in the VPN Connection component. Additionally, some performance improvements have been implemented.


  • Fixed an issue where the app would keep showing login busy indefinitely after an incomplete or failed Single Sign-on login attempt.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Statusbar to remain empty after the previous release.
  • Fixed an issue with support access.
  • Increased the size of Tools cards in order to fit texts in all languages.