Ideas for IXON 'intregration'

I have a few key things that would add great value to the IXON platform.

Keyboard frustrations
• Request: Automatically open keyboard in VNC on mobile app

If you want to enter a value on the HMI, you have to call the keyboard yourself
Can this be done automatically?

• Request: Scale keyboard properly on mobile app

If you then call your keyboard yourself, it comes up randomly on your screen from the top
Can it not be placed properly automatically? Nicely scaled below your HMI?

• Request: Change keyboard location on mobile app within a VNC service

You can change this yourself, but it doesn’t remember the setting that you did?
Can it remind himself?

• Request: Combine data from several IXrouters on one page

Customer would like the option to have one overview for several devices so they can show this on a monitor in their ‘workshop’.

• Request: Remove redundant alarm information in Mobile app message center!

Cluttered too much duplicate information (subject and message) option of make what you want to see?
From … / triggered on / date

SMS integration
• Request: Notify by SMS
• Request: SMS integration by IXON itself

Sometimes we still have customers who prefer to work with SMS. This both for alarm action and to start/stop installations. We are also often in France and have already experienced that mobile data sometimes works less well than SMS. This is because mobile data is much “heavier” in terms of coverage than text messaging.

There are indeed options with a 3rd party, but we would like to keep everything with one. (Full IXON)

This is in fact a feature I do sometimes find with other routers, hence the request.

We often work with customer SIM cards.
Here we usually change the PIN code. To do this, we need to insert it into a cell phone.
Would it not be a feature if we could change this in the router itself?
Be able to change pincode from simcard in router.

Other glitch
When you click on an installation and there is only one overview, you go directly to the overview. Now you get one of those intermediate screens where you have to select the overview. (Unnecessary intermediate step)

Image / picture easier editing
• Request: More options to scale images in the image component
Explanation from customer:

We take a picture of each installation and create a new card for each installation.
You then have 3 options to scale your picture, but sometimes you don’t get your picture right and you have to adjust it in another program.
Would it not be an idea to be able to resize your picture in Ixon itself (left/right shift)?
So that you can also zoom in/out on the photo so it fits better in the frame.

Extra security for integrator and user!

• That as a company you can ‘dial in’ to an ixon router (customer) to establish a VPN tunnel.
Some customers don’t want the integrator to always be able to access the installation. (security)
When there are maintenance/problems the customer wants permission to tunnel. Eiglish a kind of 2 step verification on the tunnel.
There is a problem: customer asks for service!
Integrator: sends request to create tunnel!
Customer: accepts the request and dials can stop the connection at any time when needed.

Thank you in advance
I hope for some feedback!

Cedric Matthys

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