IXON Cloud 2.15.0

Release notes

  • Week 14
  • IXwebapp version: 2.15.0
  • API version 0.1.93 (details)

The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly.


Use translations on pages and cards

  • Instead of creating new pages or cards for each language, you can now use one page by adding translations to all adjustable strings. For more information refer to our Roadmap.

Show devices that are linked to pages and cards

  • Now you can see which device is using a page or card by clicking on the link icon.

Fixed issues

  • Values are mixed up in the preview window on a Line Graph.
  • No error message is displayed when importing alarms with a CSV that doesn’t have all columns filled.
  • Exporting alarm triggers and importing them results in an error.
  • ‘Leave Company’ dialog shows infinite spinner, but otherwise works.
  • Custom components can change a page’s time range even when the time picker is disabled.
  • Unable to deselect components which are outside the grid in Studio.
  • Reference line is not taken into account when auto-scaling the Y-axis in a Period Barchart.