IXON Cloud 2.18.1

Release notes

  • Week 28
  • IXwebapp version: 2.18.1
  • API version 0.1.106 (details)

The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly.


Various small improvements

  • Operator symbols are added to conditions in log triggers and alarm triggers.
  • The headers of the Data Table component are clearly separated.
  • The Text Note component can also be used on cards.
  • The minimum height of the Statusbar component on cards is reduced to 58px.
  • It is possible to filter on timestamp for an API query for alarms.

Fixed issues

  • The DHCP Server option in the LAN settings of a device incorrectly shows confirm and cancel buttons after toggling the option without making changes.
  • Setting a location of a device does not focus the way pointer to the middle of the map.
  • The firmware version shows True instead of the version.
  • No error message is displayed when the name on an alarm trigger is too long.
  • The card grid jumps out of place after publishing.
  • High Y-axis values are cut off by the component border.
  • It is hard to change the size of a component when it is located at the bottom of a page.