IXON Cloud 2.1.2

Release date: 2021-02-18


  • Fixed an issue in the VNC viewer where ‘Tab’ and ‘Enter’ key events would also be received by the page below the VNC overlay
  • Fixed an issue in the VNC viewer where the taskbar of a Windows PC would initially be invisible due to the VNC window having the incorrect size and position
  • Fixed an issue with the legibility of the device access information box on the Invite User dialog on smaller screens
  • Fixed an issue with overlays staying open after being logged out


  • Added an ‘allowedTypes’ subfield to Metric inputs, to let components indicate allowed metric types
  • Added a search field to Metric inputs, to more easily find entries in large lists of tags or variables
  • Removed internal MQTT and VPN variables from LiveMetric selector

Fleet Manager

  • Added a loading indicator when activating an agent to indicate a longer process
  • Removed ‘Data Block’ field for Siemens STEP7 regions other than ‘DB’
  • Fixed an issue with “Push Config failed” messages being erroneously shown while in fact Push Config succeeded


  • Fixed an issue with renaming groups