IXON Cloud 2.2.3

release date: 25-03-2021


  • Fixed bug related to Live logging data


  • Fixed an issue with weird scaling of the VNC keyboard on mobile screens


  • Added support for default component input values
  • Fixed styling of desktop/mobile switch buttons
  • Disabled title field in rename dialog for pages without a draft

Fleet Manager

  • Fixed an issue with the variable tester, which would not reflect changes in variable configuration in realtime
  • Fixed an issue which prevented confirmation of changes in Siemens variables
  • Fixed display of multiline action button on Tools card
  • Consistent display of Remove Tag dialog
  • Disabled Connect button when VPN of device is not enabled
  • Improvements in the user management system


  • Added a crown icon for the platform administrator role

Migration Wizard

  • Fixed an issue where users deleted from the source company still showed up in the “Clean Up” page

Mobile app

  • Added smart statusbar colouring; colours of the statusbar change along with the branding and rest of the app
  • Added support for Single Sign-On
  • Changed logo resources to the updated IXON logo
  • Fixed an issue which prevented iOS from autofilling passwords in the login
  • Fixed an issue which caused a blue border to appear around VNC views


release date: 26-03-2021

  • Fixes an issue where in some cases live widgets could display empty values in between the actual data