IXON Cloud 2.2.0

Release date: 2021-03-04


  • Added automatic formatting of IPv4 addresses
  • Added a Back button in the User Registration flow


  • Fixed an issue that could in certain cases cause metric data to get mismatched or swapped in data tables
  • Improved styling of User Invite dialog on small screens

Fleet Manager

  • Added a loading indicator while importing CSV to tags, variables, alarms, and triggers
  • Fixed an issue that caused the IP Address of a Service / Data Source of an Agent Template to always be empty
  • Fixed an issue that caused the setting of an Audience on an Agent to fail
  • Fixed an issue that caused erratic graphic behavior when hovering over a radio button in the filters of the Devices overview
  • Fixed an issue that caused the resulting changes on one data source to sometimes be applied to other data sources as well


  • Fixed an issue that would display a spinner indefinitely if a user had a specific set of permissions
  • Added VPN Usage screen to display company-wide data usage


  • Added Component - Live Line Graph
  • Added Component - Live Status
  • Added Component - Live Gauge
  • Added Component - Live Tank
  • Added Component - Live Value

More information about the live components can be found here.

Migration Wizard

  • Added notice about alarms that are set to default access category during migration