IXON Cloud 2.3.0

Release: 01-04-2021


  • Improved formatting of floating-point values in Variable test utility and pages
  • Hide Demo Device card when no Agent Type is available
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Single Sign-On from working without Premium Branding
  • Fixed an issue that left the user on a blank page when Single Sign-On login failed
  • Fixed an issue that caused localization and timezone to be ignored in Cloud Notify message in Message Center


  • Moved VPN sign bar under VNC viewer layer


  • Fixed an issue that could let one component break an entire page if the selected metric was invalid
  • Added validation error message for required inputs
  • Added a variable’s ‘factor’ and ‘unit’ as placeholder values in Metric inputs
  • Added validation for ‘factor’ value

Fleet Manager

  • Improved device transfer feedback
  • Added support to configure UDP relay port
  • Added error message when entering invalid network address in additional subnet configuration
  • Added SSID pattern check
  • Added more strict validation for identifiers
  • Fixed various issues with Modbus variable form
  • Fixed various issues with OPC-UA variable form
  • Fixed various issues with Siemens variable form validation


  • Removed SLA download functionality