Telecom providers France

Hello, our customer in France doesn’t allow us to use the company internet access. So we are going to use the IX router SIM card model.

Does anyone have experiences with a French provider? Any tips which subscription or data bundle we need?

Hey Danielle,

We understand that some company put some restrictions in their company network.
The 3G/4G is a good solution.
With our experience, we can say that almost every provider works correctly.
Be careful to use a business account like Orange Business otherwise it will not work.

Here you can find a list of compatible provider :

SFR Business
BOUYGUES Entreprise

And the last is more about an international and universal provider :


We hope that this answer can help you :slight_smile:

Hello Mickael,

Thanks, this really helps!

We will use the VPN part of Ixon only at the moment. Do you have an indication on how many data is used monthly? We connect weekly to see status in plc. And maybe some data uploading for bug fix. So we do not want to pay too much for data costs. If you have any idea, please let me know.

Hey Danielle,

Happy to read that this could help.

If you do nothing with the router, the data consumption will be around 100mbs (the VPN between the machine and our server are constantly enabled, this can be turn off to be at ~20mbs/ month)

Also, when you try to connect to a machine by VPN, on the same line you will see 3 dots, click on it and you will see VPN DATA USAGE, and you will be able to see how many data did you use.

thank you! Will check our other routers about current usage :smiley:

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