Understanding data usage?

Recently hooked up an IXON router with a SIM card to see how much data is used.


Judging by that link, I expect my usage to be around 500mb/month. VPN usage listed on the platform is quite low and what I would expect for the amount of data I am logging.

I am seeing (from my cellular provider), 50mb/day bare minimum up to 150mb/day (this 150mb was on a day when no one was even using the web portal).

I have 15 tags, with 4 of them logging at 3600 dps/hr, and everything else is 360dps/hr or less.

This is wildly out of spec for even the 20000 dps/hr.

Can anyone give any guidance on how to figure out what’s going on? I am tempted to switch it over to wifi and run wireshark, but it’s not an accurate test in my mind.

I’ve made it so that no other devices can reach the internet through the router.
I’ve removed live data components from my pages.
I can’t turn off the VPN option unfortunately.

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