Robot dashboard

Hi all,

I’m looking for ideas on which data to add to our IXON dashboards. We would like to install a TV near our palletizing robot UR+ which represents the real-time data. It should show key information to keep track of the robot’s productivity.

We have some ideas but any suggestions would be nice.

Hi vladir,

That sounds like a great idea. There are many possibilities when using IXON Cloud and Universal Robots together. Did you knew we are UR+ partner?
If you combine the UR with an IXrouter you can take control of the Touch Panel really easy. Next to that you can read all variables and combine them in historical and live dashboards in IXON Cloud. With a television next to it you will have a great setup.

Can you send me more information on so I can forward you to the right colleague at IXON?



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Thank you for offering to help. I have now found documentation on your support website containing all the variables we can read from the UR robot. So we are going to work with that to rig up our dashboard. When we need help I will let you know.

Last question: can the variables also be combined in the dashboard? So, for example, an addition of 2 values via a formula? Or is there a workaround?

This is not a feature in IXON Cloud at the moment, however we are working hard to release IXON Cloud 2. This allows you to add your own component (we currently refer to them as widgets). These components have to be developed by yourself or a partner and allow to add more advanced features like combining 2 variables in a formula.

That sounds promising. What kind of programming language does it support?

The programming language for the components is Vue.js, a JavaScript Framework.

:+1:t2: thank you! Will take a look at it.