Dashboard at factory level and data processing

I am trying to evaluate the ability of IXON to fit our needs. I still haves some questions.

  1. Is that possible to merge data from different devices (machines) to make a floor dashboard like the states of all machines on one page or global OEE.

  2. Is that possible (easy) to process data. By instance, computing speed from a signal counting all 0s pass of the signal. Example : in a sinusoid signal, could we count all the 0s pass to compute the frequency?

  3. in the free tour we can see in the B2 project a control box able to remotely control the machine. How can we do that, I did not see any component in the list able to do that? There are only “read only” components.

Hello Renato,

Thank you for your interest in IXON.
These are some great questions. I think it is a good idea if you contact us at sales@ixon.cloud to schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives. They can help you with your evaluation and answer all your questions.

Kind regards,


Hi Dennis,
It is too early in the evaluation process to bother a representative.
I am only trying to have a full picture of some IIoT products seeing if they will be able to cover our future needs.

I found some answer by myself, sadly no one answered to me, even the support.

  1. It is not possible, at least in zero-code to merge data from many machines and consolidate floor dashboard. However, there is a third party IXON to PowerBI connector where it becomes possible to do everything we want : Connect Power BI to IXON Cloud for advanced machine analytics | IXON

  2. No → Power BI

  3. N/A : It is simply a remote control.

Hi Renato,
We have received your email from last Friday and we will reply shortly.
In answering the email, we will take your own findings into consideration.
Thanks for the interest so far!

Kind regards,