What is the added value of IXON Cloud 2 vs IXON Cloud 1 in terms of collaboration?

Hi all,

I received an announcement of Ixon cloud 2 and it looks promising, very curious!

Can someone explain me more detailed what the collaboration part will bring for me (OEM)? What will be different for example?

We started with just remote access through VPN. At that time IoT was just a foreign concept in the machine builder world. IXON wants to create value out of IoT. The real value of a machine is it’s productivity compared to labour. If you want to create more value with IoT you have to be around this added value. Therefore, we should offer a solution that is of added value throughout the lifecycle of a machine. You also see machine builders move to a prescription-like business model where they improve and optimize the machine throughout its lifecycle. At this point is added value.

That’s why we started with data-logging. That’s also why we started with premium branding. With IXON Cloud 2 we do both data-logging and branding better. We also brought the Studio and User management. These systems make collaboration easier and make it a better fit with the changing business model of machine builders. We want to become more open to make it easier for machine builders.

Hi Bart,

Thanks for explanation. So the new user system and customisation of our account will give us more flexibility to set up our account.

Will I be able to share which reports my customer can access?

Hello Vladir,

Yes, you can determine what dashboards will be accessible to your customers.

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Thank you, good to hear. Looking forward to it.