Set company colors

Is it possible to customise my company colors in new ixon cloud? If yes, is this a paid feature?

Hello Michel,

Yes, you have multiple branding options, including changing the colors in the IXON Cloud 2 available for free.

Goodmorning Michel,

IXON understands how important branding and customer loyalty is. This is why you have the option to white label the IXON Cloud, applying your custom brand , and essentially making it your very own IoT platform .

We distinguish between two levels of custom branding: basic and premium branding. Basic branding enables you to apply your corporate identity (company logo, color scheme etc.) to the IXON Cloud. Additionally, premium branding enables you to set a custom URL and support/contact information, making it possible for you to market our service as your own.

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Thanks Jorn and Dennis. That sounds great. Will try it when the new ixon platform is ready to use.

Hi Michel,

In the new IXON Cloud you’ll find these settings in the Admin app. More info here: