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Hi community,

Hope anyone can advise me on this:
We are looking for best practice to manage our total machine park, all machines in specific series and our customers. Specific customers would like to their own portal for their machines and we do not want to loose access.

Example of the structure:
Total machine park:

  • Machine A
  • Machine B
  • Machine C
  • Machine D

Serie A

  • Machine A
  • Machine D

Serie B

  • Machine B

Customer 1 (having own IXON account)

  • Machine A
  • Machine B
  • Machine C

Customer 2:

  • Machine D


  • What are the options to manage this? Pro and cons?
  • How can we apply the customer branding for specific companies or to specific machines?

Hi Jules,

there are currently two ways for organizing your machines.

  1. Device categories
    Add a device category for each machine serie (or customers) and add machines to it and invite customers with access to their specific machine. A machine can only be applied to 1 category at the moment.

  2. Sub-companies
    Another way is by using sub-companies. Add one for a series (or plants) or customers, add the machines and give users access. You can also apply device categories here. The white labelling (custom branding) can also be applied to a sub-company account.

In your structure, not sure what is more important: the series or the machines per customer?

More details can be found here:
Device categories

Hello Sjors,

Thank you for the response.
We focus on the machine series, so I guess best option for us is grouping them via the device categories option?

Yes! Give it a try and share any feedback.

Hello all,

will the categories and sub-companies still be available in the new ixon cloud? It is possible to export/import my structure? Hope someone can tell me more about it.

Sub-companies do not exist in the IXON Cloud 2 and this has been replaced by groups. You create a group for each sub-company and then you can invite users to a specific group. The effect for the end user is the same, he only sees the routers he has access to. As an administrator you can see and maintain all machines.

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