Ixrouter firmware


Got some questions about the Ixrouter firmware.

Will there be a new firmware for the ixon cloud 2? Do I need to update all my devices?

And with the new role system, can I configure who can update firmware? Is there a special role?

Hope you can help.

Hello Leov,

You don’t need to update the firmware, all firmware versions are compatible with the IXON Cloud 2.
Only people with the Manage devices permission are allowed to upgrade the firmware. You can determine yourself which roles will have that permission.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

TY Dennis.

Is it also possible to set up for which routers someone gets ‘manage devices’ rights? In other words, can I differentiate between individuals here?

Yes, you can assign people that need to be able to manage devices to a role that has those permissions. And you can assign people that don’t to a role that doesn’t have those permissions.

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