IXON Cloud 2.8.1

IXON Weekly update

  • Week 37 (13-09-2021 to 19-09-2021)
  • Webapp version: 2.8.1
  • API version 0.1.64 (details)

What is the IXON weekly update?
The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly with bug fixes, changes to the platform and new features. This weekly update informs you on everything that was added to, changed and fixed in the IXON platform this week.

Small release this week, the focus of the release is to fix some bugs. The data table component was reimplemented to resolve several issues. The new implementation should be more stable and display data with better alignment.

Other fixes:

  • Added backoff retry strategy to reconnect real-time logging data
  • Added a new time range and period picker in pages
  • Fixed an issue where removing a user from the company in the user detail page would not work
  • Fixed an issue where F-keys in a VNC service conflicts with the browsers ‘find’ search bar
  • Fixed an error in the initialization code of the Multiple Values component