IXON Cloud 2.7.0

IXON Weekly update

  • Week 31 (02-08-2021 to 08-08-2021)
  • Webapp version: 2.7.0
  • API version 0.1.59.post2 (details)

What is the IXON weekly update?
The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly with bug fixes, changes to the platform and new features. This weekly update informs you on everything that was added to, changed and fixed in the IXON platform this week.

We are now in the summer holiday season so we see a smaller release this week. No new features were released, but there still is a steady flow of improvement and bug fixes that are aimed to improve the IXON Cloud platform.


The overview of a user’s permissions now include a list of the devices they have access to. You can view these details by going to the ‘Portal’, go to ‘Users’ and select one of the users.

  • Added a ‘Connected User’ icon in Device Card Header
  • Added license expiry landing pages


  • Fixed issue where timezones would not be honored when inviting IXON support.
  • Fixed issue where applying a device template to a device the publicId would result in an error.
  • Fixed validation of static VPN address.
  • Fixed issue where an exported CSV could have blocks with missing data.
  • Fixed issue where timezone was not honored in an export.