Connection monitoring alarms


I had a strange situation tonight. I got an alarm of VPN connection restored on one of my IXrouter’s.
Everything would have been fine if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t get the lost connection alert earlier.

my current alarm settins:
Alarm name: VPN connection lost

“A notification will be sent when the connection is Lost for 15 minutes”

Alarm name: VPN connection restored

“A notification will be sent when the connection is Restored for 15 minutes”

I suppose the connection loss lasted less than 15 minutes, which is why I didn’t get the connection loss notification.

And here comes the question. If I haven’t lost my connection for 15 minutes, why should I receive a notification that my connection has been restored?
In my opinion, the restored connection notification should be activated after two conditions are met:

  1. VPN lost connection lost alarm was activated
  2. connection is Restored for XX minutes

In my opinion there is no point in getting an alarm about reconnection, since the connection has been disconnected for a shorter time than I have set in the alarm settings.

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