Same Page (Graphs and Live Data) multiple devices

I created pages with graphs that I want to use on different devices. I assigned them as in the manual. In the studio I assigned tags from a S7 1200 CPU as data source.

Problem is, for every device, I have to make a new page that is exactly like the one before but with a different tag for the other device. The tag name for all S7 1200s is the same, as are the variables and data sources.

What are the requirements to make a universal graph-page for all devices that are working with one and the same tag-name? In the studio I have to choose a device to asign a tag. Or am I missing something in the manuals?

The same thing happens with variables and Live Data pages.

I hope you can help, thanks in advance

Hi Akloeckn,

The IXON Cloud needs to know what tags it needs to use, so you have to choose different tags for each of your machines.
Having said that, I think your best option is to duplicate the page for every device and change the tags for each of your machines.

You can find the duplicate option with the following steps:

  • Go to the IXON Cloud Studio which is accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different IXON Cloud app.
  • Open the main menu , go to Pages , then press [more ] on the right side of the overview page.
  • You can choose to duplicate your page by pressing [duplicate].


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