IXrouter firmware 3.22

IXrouter firmware release

  • Week 43
  • Firmware version: 3.22

The IXrouter receives a firmware update 2-3 times a year. These release notes can also be found at the bottom at Fleet Manager > Devices > Your device > Info.



  • Fix updating time
  • Fix cellular signal strength monitoring
  • Fix cellular modem detection
  • Fix logging config push sync
  • Allow semicolon in Wi-Fi password
  • Overall fixes for pull applications
  • [modbus] Fix in memory management
  • [melsec] Multiple bug fixes
  • [opc-ua] Multiple bug fixes
  • [bacnet-ip] Bug fix


  • Add LED status for openvpn disabled, 2000ms on 200ms off
  • Add LED status for PUK required, blink 3x
  • Add username and password authentication for cellular
  • Add static IP address option for Wi-Fi connection
  • [loggerapi] Improve error messages
  • [modbus] Add read mode: gapped, consecutive and single
  • [modbus] Increased timeout interval to 1000 ms (up from 500 ms)
  • [opc-ua] Add productUri
  • [opc-ua] Decrease session timeout
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@Frank_Faessen can you give a more detailed description of the following improvements?

  • [opc-ua] Add productUri
  • [opc-ua] Decrease session timeout

Sure. Note that both points are only relevant when you use Cloud Logging via the OPC-UA protocol. As indicated by the [opc-ua] tag.

[opc-ua] Add productUri
Previously, the IXrouter did not report a “productUri” when setting up communication with a local OPC-UA server. The productUri can be used by an OPC-UA server to distinguish which (type of) device is trying to communicate. From 3.22 onwards, the IXrouter reports the productUri: IXrouter3.

[opc-ua] Decrease session timeout
Previously, the OPC-UA session timeout was set to 20 minutes. Meaning when an OPC-UA data source was removed from the IXON Cloud (and subsequently the configuration was pushed to the IXrouter), the inactive OPC-UA session was cleaned up 20 minutes later. This has been reduced to 1 minute to clean up old inactive cases faster.

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