Javascripts issues with Grafana


Since this morning we are experiencing some issues loading some javascript files for Grafana on machines that are behind IXrouters. Everything works fine when loading the Grafana dashboards by IP address through HTTP when connected by VPN.

When accessing the dashboards through Web Access in the Ixon portal we are seeing “Content-Security-Policy” errors in the Firefox browser console. Some javascript files appear to not load properly (but some do).

We have not made any changes to these systems recently and it worked fine before this morning. Have there been any recent policy changes in the Ixon portal that might be causing these issues?

Hi sr-pvgils,

We did indeed make some JavaScript related changes on the servers that handle the HTTP-services on the IXON Cloud. These changes were applied on Monday Feb 26th and Wednesday Feb 28th.

Can you please open a Support case by sending an email to ?