IXON Cloud 2.22.3

Release notes

  • Week 47
  • IXwebapp version: 2.22.3
  • No new API version

The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly.


  • The user interaction to remove a ‘variable’ has been aligned with removing ‘tags’. Users are now explicitly informed about the number of tags, log triggers, and alarm triggers that are removed too. The user needs to confirm this action with an I’m sure checkbox.

Fixed issues

  • When a Cloud Logging license is extended with an activation code for fewer data points per hour than the initial license, no error message would be shown to the user. This has been fixed now.
  • The Single option type for custom fields was not shown correctly for the Dutch and German languages. The icon was missing and the description was not fully visible. An ellipsis (three dots) and tooltip are added for descriptions that overflow the menu.
  • When a user hides a custom field from the Portal view, it should be still possible to show the custom field in the Fleet Manager device list. When the custom field is added as a column in the device list it would disappear immediately. This has been fixed now.