Weekly release 2024-10

Release notes

  • IXON Cloud 2.38.0
  • API version 0.1.186 (details)

The IXON Cloud and IXON’s API are updated weekly.


  • Landing page: The landing page can be used to display company information to users before they log in. The landing page is a fully customizable UI component that is displayed full screen for desktop and mobile.


  • When importing variables, you can now skip existing variables (before you had to manually remove them before uploading).
  • When reordering the main pages, you can now choose to place a main page in front of the device and user menus.
  • When creating a HTTP or VNC service, you can now choose to hide it on the web, in case you only want to show it on mobile or you want to hide it all together. You can also do this for the VPN connect button.
  • The interface of the user details dialogue and the user edit dialogue has been updated to improve the user experience.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where it was still possible to activate a license for module companies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Portal and Fleet Manager were slow or unresponsive in some cases.
  • Fixed several issues that caused HTTP WebAccess to not work as intended with certain web servers.
  • Fixed an incompatibility issue where HTTP WebAccess would not work with web servers using deprecated TLS versions.
  • Fixed an issue where copy-pasting a component would fail if it contained a lot of configuration details.
  • Fixed an issue where granting a user temporary access would not allow you to select a date.
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