Website/forum to create and follow support cases


I thought it would be nice to have a place where IXON users could create new support cases with different categories e.g. ideas, questions, bugs and then have an oportunity to follow all the cases.

I used to work with Parker IQAN controllers and they have this kind of place and it works really well. (

At the moment we have to send an email to,but then we don’t know in which stage our case is. Is it in investigation stage, is it solved? Which portal update or API update fixes the bug we reported?

It’s also great to see other IXON user’s cases.

At first I thought this forum is for that. But I see that here there is only communication between IXON users and not between users and IXON technical support.

tbh I have a lot of questions or ideas for improving the IXON system and I send many emails to your technical support team and then I don’t know what happens with it.

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Hi @dtrutkowski,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. A customer portal is on the wish list for Support. We have an item for this on our internal backlog. I have added a link to this post in that item. Because Parker IQAN’s forum has some cool features that we could use as an example. If you have any additions to this, please let me know.

Kind regards,