Periodic Bar Chart -- Possibility to adjust time frame on y-axis

Good morning together,

for an actual projekt, i´m working on dashboard to show values from three different working shifts.

My question is, if there is a chance, to give every bar chart an separate timeframe on the y-axis ( Fruehschicht 6 -14, Spaetschicht 14 -22 and Nachtschicht 22- 6) to show only the values in this daily period.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Kind regards.


I would try to collect the data for different shifts in one tag per shift (via Log-Trigger).
If you then assign the tags to their respective graph and choose “best-fit” I could imagine that it could work out.

Hi Lukas,

thanks for your input regarding my topic.
I´ll try if this will work an come back with the Information as soon as possible.

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