Averaging of Discontinuous Values

Is there a way, either in the cloud, or on my local control that I can exclude values when the machine is not running?

A machine may have 1 runs during a day and any performance calculations are useless if they are included when the machine is off because they would be including the 0 values.

This is akin to getting statistics for a batch, or all ‘batches’ for a day.

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I don’t know the IXON solution for it but below might be helpful.

Add a bit on your local control and set it to “1” every X seconds/minutes you want to log your data [only when machine is in run]. Read that bit in IXON and set it as trigger condition for logging data for all the values you are after.

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Thanks Damian,

That does work, but produces some disjointed graphs because it draws the interpolated line between the 2 batches. The way I understand the triggered values is that they, unlike the standard logging means, take a single point in time rather than multiple values over a timeframe.

I might have to force them to 0 before logging a final value.